The heart of the community

The City of Dillon was established by John W. Dillon in 1888 to propel his vision of economic development acumen pertaining to agriculture and transportation. Mr. Dillon successfully persuaded the Wilson Short Cut Railroad (later part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad) to lay tracks for their freight line through the City of Dillon. This freight line impelled economic development for the town as locally sourced products of cotton and tobacco were now able to be sold and transported to a broader market. Mr. Dillon’s vision led to the formation of a flourishing Downtown community with buildings being erected by distinguished architects. Our Historic Commercial District has remained much intact and we invite you to stop in and enjoy a scenic tour of our city. Downtown Dillon is nestled in the heart of the City of Dillon. While visiting our Historic Commercial District, please be sure to visit some of our local landmarks that include:

  • Our beautiful Historic Courthouse located at 300 W. Main Street.
  • Veterans Square located at the City-County Complex, 401 W. Main Street.
  • Our historic but active CSX and Amtrak Train Depot reconstructed in 1905. This location is also home to our Mayor’s Wall and the Mayor’s Clock. (100 N. Railroad Avenue)
  • The original Downtown Dillon Theater (ca. 1919/1935), located at 114 N. MacArthur Avenue.
  • Main Street United Methodist Church with architectural details dating back to 1892.
  • The historic commercial properties located Downtown Dillon with ornamental elements largely intact dating beyond 1903.

While here, please visit our Main Street Merchants where you will find a variety of good eats and treats, sales and services!

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